Caml Light Grammars

The Caml-light lanugage was released in 1992 by INRIA and the language specification is available from here. The language specification gives a grammar for ‘core’ caml light, split into sections within the specification. Within the html version of the specification, the grammar rules are enclosed within <PRE></PRE> tags and so a simple terminal command such as sed -e ‘/<PRE>/,/PRE>/!d’ $1.* > rules.html can be used to extract the grammar rules for core caml-light.
rulesOrgin is the set of grammar rules extracted from the html files rooted at by the command sed -e ‘/<PRE>/,/PRE>/!d’ $1.* > rules.html.

Unfortunately this set of rules contains some errors: missing nonterminals, repeated terminals and so on.

rulesAfter is a set of grammar rules based on Y, but with errors corrected.

The Caml-light langauge specification lists a set of extension to core caml-light. In practice these extensions are required to parse the majority of Caml-light strings. The extensions are specified as alterations to the existing grammar

rulesEx is a set of grammar rules based on core caml light, but altered by hand to include the extended syntax.