Seminar by Mark van den Brand

Professor Mark van den Brand, who is currently visiting RHUL, will be giving a short seminar on Tuesday 7 February 2012 at the Royal Holloway Campus.  Abstract below.
DSL Design in High Tech Industry
Domain Specific Languages are getting more and more attention.The High Tech Industry has developed towards a very softwareintensive industry. The amount of software to develop and maintain is growing fast, maybe even in some case too fast. This industry is investigating alternative ways to develop their software. Next to outsourcing to suppliers DSLs are also explored. In this talk two topics are addressed. First, ongoing research is presented with respect to the development of a DSL for the generation of a virtual proto in order to reduce testing effort.  In the second part a home-made DSL (SLCO) is presented and the way we formalize the semantics of this DSL. The reason for formalizing the semantics is to be able to proof the correctness of model transformations developed for mapping SLCO to various platforms.