Tool Support for Component-Based Semantics

By L. Thomas van Binsbergen, Peter D. Mosses and Neil Sculthorpe



The PLanCompS project has developed a component-based approach to formal semantics. Here, we present the tools we have implemented to support component-based language definitions, including semantics-based program execution. The talk includes a demonstration of the use of the tools.

Accompanying material

The material listed below accompanies the extended abstract presented at the 2015 Nordic Workshop on Programming Theory.

  • Spoofax Editor Projects. This includes:

    • An editor for CBS specifications;
    • An editor for funcon terms;
    • An editor for IMP programs;
    • a CBS library of funcons;
    • a CBS translation from IMP to funcons;
    • a small suite of IMP test programs.
  • A Haskell Funcon Interpreter for executing funcon terms generated from IMP programs.